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Esfandyar Batmanghelidj

Founding Partner, BHB Emissary

Esfandyar is a Founding Partner of BHB Emissary. In addition to his role at BHB, he is the Head of Business Development at Macat, a London-based education technology company. He is an associate of Counterpoint, a UK cultural risk consultancy. Esfandyar’s research on Iranian political economy, social history, and public health has been published in the Encyclopedia Iranica, the journal Iranian Studies, the World Health Organization EMRO Journal, and the International Journal of Preventative Medicine. He is a Contributing Editor at Bourse & Bazaar, a new editorial platform focused on Iran's commercial future. His commentary on current affairs and Iranian geopolitics has been published in LobeLog, Quartz, Defense One, Al Jazeera America, Roads and Kingdoms, and Asia Newspaper. 

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