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Parviz Akbaroff

International Business Development Director, Rah Shahr

Parviz Akbaroff is the International Business Director and advises Rah Shahr International Group’s business development team on how to pursue new opportunities. He also builds and maintains new relationships to leverage them when needed to facilitate collaboration.

He earned his Business & Management Degree (BSc) from Indiana Institute of Technology and his MBA from St. Francis University of Indiana. 

Parviz has been instrumental in cementing several international business collaborations across various engineering and infrastructure sectors, having worked in both the US and Iran.

He is currently a member of the “International Development Management” team at Rah Shahr helping with the company’s efforts to prepare investment packages, due diligence reports, foreign companies’ market entry into Iran, etc. He has deep experience leading accounts, developing strong client relationships, working across business functions and teams, and creating strategies that work in the complex Iranian financial climate. 

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