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Sedigheh Gerami

Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Kayla Group

Sedigheh Gerami is the co-founder of Baneh Zarrin group of companies offering import, marketing & distribution services in FMCG & Pharmaceuticals.

She is the 4th child of the late Mohammad Gerami, the founder of Golestan Company and GBG group of businesses. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in Economics in UCLA & Shahid Beheshti University, she joined Golestan in 1984. During her 11 years in the company she led several revolutionary initiatives that transitioned a traditional business into one of the leading businesses in Iran. One of the many initiatives she led in Golestan was pioneering and establishing the direct retail distribution, a new initiative for Golestan and the industry at that time.

In 1997, she left Golestan and co-founded Kayla Distribution to leverage her expertise in retail distribution. Since then, she also co-founded Gardooneh (the import and marketing arm of the group), MZP distribution and Elite Darou Distribution that are focused on personal care and pharmaceuticals respectively.

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