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Shahab Javanmardy


Shahab Javanmardy is the CEO and board member of FANAP Cofa., an ICT holding company based in Tehran, Iran. FANAP Co. is the largest private ICT Company in Iran with more than 17 subsidiaries and several branches throughout 3 continents. FANAP Co. is founded by Pasargad Financial Group, which includes Pasargad Bank, the largest private bank in Iran, and invests in diverse fields from banking and insurance to ICT and mining.

Since starting his career 10 years ago as the CEO of FANAP Co., Shahab has transformed it from a 50-employee startup to a +2500 employee multi-business ICT holding. The company currently works in various fields including (but not limited to) payment and e-commerce, banking solutions, telecommunications, healthcare and public services, industrial ERP solutions, and EPC.

In addition to his leading role in FANAP Co., Shahab is also the chairman of Shenasa VC, the first private venture capital in Iran, focusing on biomedical engineering, nanotech and cognitive initiatives in Iran.

He’s got his Doctorate of Business Administration from Montesquieu University in Bordeaux, France. Prior to his career in FANAP Co., Shahab was the principal of Tosse'e Farda Institute, one of the leading future studies and policymaking centers in Iran. 

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