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Alireza Kolahi

President, Iran Electrical Energy Syndicate

Alireza Kolahi is the Chairman of Abhar Cable, Iran’s largest manufacturer of cables and the CEO of Noorin Industrial Holdings, a family company with interests in trade and manufacturing. After attending school at Winchester College and obtaining his degree in Engineering from Imperial and King’s College London in 1995, Alireza moved to Iran where he joined the advisory business of Ernst and Young consulting with international firms operating in Iran. He then joined the family enterprise and was instrumental in managing AW+C’s transition following the passing of his father, the company’s founder.

Under his stewardship, turnover of Noorin has increased from USD 20 million to USD 150 million in 10 years. Alireza has also branched out into new areas and is a co-founder of Sarava Pars, Iran’s first e-commerce VC. In addition to being a member of the board of DigiKala, the Middle East’s largest online retailer, Alireza has also co-founded companies active in retail, food services and construction industries.

In 2009 Alireza became the youngest member of the board of the Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate, the country’s largest Industrial NGO. His track record in successfully and impartially representing the interest of member companies led to his election as President of the Syndicate in 2014. In 2015 Alireza was elected to the board of directors of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, holding the position of Vice-Chairman of its Trade Promotion Commission. 

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