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Arash Vafadari

Founder and Managing Director, Mana Payam

Arash is the founder and Managing Director of Mana Payam Public Relations based in Tehran, Iran. Mana Payam is Iran’s only dedicated, full service public relations consultancy with comprehensive experience in meeting the growing demands of medium and large businesses either already established or looking to enter the local market.

Since the company’s inception more than seven years ago, the understanding of credible PR in Iran has grown considerably. Arash with his supporting team has now turned Mana Payam into the market leader with 20+ employees.

The company currently works with many foreign and local companies conducting business, or wishing to expand their operations in the country.

In addition to his leading role at Mana Payam, Arash also lectures at the Vije School of Communications in Tehran teaching modern public relation courses. He is also an advisor to the Iranian Business School (IBS), a notforprofit academic institution founded by prominent Iranian business people.

Prior to his roles in Iran, Arash founded the Maison d’Edition Ketabe IranCanada in Montreal. The centre has become one of the leading cultural organizations promoting the Middle East’s rich history and cultural vibrancy. During his time studying, Arash gained multiple qualifications from universities inside Iran and at Canada’s McGill University in Montreal.

Upon return to Iran, Arash has developed insight and knowledge into devising successful marketing and communications campaigns furthering the goals of his clients.




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