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Giulio Haas

Ambassador of Switzerland to Iran

Giulio Haas is currently Ambassador of Switzerland to Iran. He assumed his position in September 2013, having returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after five years with a Swiss private bank. Ambassador Haas’ previous positions include, among others, Assistant Secretary for Sectoral Foreign Policy at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (2006 - 2008), Head of the Financial and Economic Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington DC (2001 - 2006), Head of the Politics and Institutions Section at the European Integration Office (1996 - 2000), and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland to Venezuela (1994 - 1996). In 2000 - 2001 Ambassador Haas coordinated and authored the Federal Department’s Report on Foreign Policy. He entered the diplomatic service in 1988 and held early postings in Berne, Geneva and Bangkok. Ambassador Haas holds a PhD in Law from the University of Berne (Switzerland).

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