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Parviz Aghili

CEO, Middle East Bank

Parviz Aghili is the Managing Director and Vice‐Chairman of Khavarmianeh (Middle East) Bank, one of Iran's newest and most innovative financial institutions. Parviz previously held the position of Managing Director at both Karafarin Bank and Industrial Investment of Iran. His career as a banker has spanned North America, Sub‐Sahran Africa, and the Middle East. Middle East Bank completed its first year of operations in 2013, but has quickly developed a reputation for its quality of service and world‐class banking practices. As a wholesale bank, with limited branches, Middle East Bank has pioneered electronic banking in Iran. The bank's strong commitment to the development and training of its employees, leading to the formation of Iran's most talented team of young bankers, is reflected in Aghili's long commitment to education. Parviz holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Wisconsin and currently teaches at in the Graduate School of Management Studies at the Sharif University of Technology.

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