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The annual gathering for business, government, and civil society leaders committed to Iran's responsible and robust economic development



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The 4th Europe-Iran Forum will return to the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland on 3-4 October 2017. 

January 2017 will mark the one-year anniversary of Implementation Day, when Iran received broad sanctions relief as part of the JCPOA nuclear deal.

Iran’s economic opening is now firmly underway, with major multinationals establishing new or expanded operations in the country. The Europe-Iran Forum has been a milestone event in the course of this opening. 2014 saw the first international business conference with a post-sanctions focus. 2015 saw the largest ever Iran business conference. 2016 saw the first business conference to bring American and European policymakers into direct dialogue with Iranian business leaders.

EIF4 will help launch the “second phase” of Iran’s post-sanctions growth and development. With the anticipated reelection of Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s global business partners will have a period of four years of domestic political stability during which the efforts for economic reform and liberalization will find a new momentum. But at the same time, new political risks in the United States and Europe will need to be managed directly to ensure business can proceed as intended. Executives and investors will need to plan their next moves with even greater prudence.

At EIF4, a high-profile network will gather to debate strategy, forge valuable relationships, and set the agenda for robust growth in Iran.