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Part of the mission of the Europe-Iran Forum conference series is to encourage better and more open relationships between Iranian businesses and the international press. As Iran's economic opportunities come to fruition, it is increasingly vital that both Iranian and European business leaders understand the importance of telling their "story" by communicating their failures and successes proactively. Journalists from leading publications such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The GuardianLe Monde, among others, have attended the Europe-Iran Forum and have been able to forge new and meaningful relationships with key commercial and governmental players, opening the door to transparency and allowing a sharper and more promising image of Iran to emerge. 

Global Online Coverage

Why big European banks are reluctant to return to Iran - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Author: Barbara Slavin ZURICH - Iran's largest bank is eager to resume ties with major European banks, but only smaller financial institutions have been willing to return to the Iranian market in the aftermath of a landmark nuclear deal.

Irans grösste Privatbank will in die Schweiz kommen

Europäische Konzerne drängen in den Iran, aber ein Sektor ziert sich: Die Grossbanken. Der CEO von Irans grösster Privatbank Pasargad nimmt Stellung - und spricht über seine Pläne in der Schweiz.

L'Iran, un marché à fort potentiel pour qui en connaît les règles

Avec la levée graduelle des sanctions internationales contre l'Iran, le pays qui compte environ 80 millions d'habitants fait l'objet de toutes les convoitises sur le plan commercial. La troisième édition du forum Europe-Iran, qui s'est tenue mardi et mercredi à Zurich, a permis à quelque 400 participants d'évaluer les chances et les risques qui se présentent sur ce marché, alors que les délégations d'affaires helvétiques à Téhéran se sont multipliées ces derniers mois.

Don't blame our sanctions, U.S. tells nervous Iran investors

ZURICH Companies should not blame U.S. sanctions for stopping them investing in Iran, a State Department official told businesses on Wednesday, saying there were many other risks putting off would-be investors. The United States and Europe lifted sanctions in January under a deal with Tehran to limit its nuclear program, but U.S.

Iran Seeks Partners for $10 Billion Expansion in Aluminum

Iranian miners are seeking $10 billion to develop a domestic aluminum industry that could serve to export 60 percent of production to meet growing demand for the metal used in cars to jets and beverage cans. The raw material bauxite needed to achieve that goal is proving hard to find.

Iran's Pasargad Group Weighs $330 Million IPO of Energy Unit

Pasargad Financial Group, owner of Iran's second-largest bank, is weighing the sale of shares in its energy unit as the removal of sanctions boosts confidence in the economy. "We'll likely IPO some of our companies this year, like PEDC," Majid Ghassemi, chairman of Pasargad Energy Development Co.

Europe's Banks Are Staying Out of Iran

European companies flocking back to Iran are doing so without their favored lenders at their side. Less than two years after BNP Paribas SA agreed to pay a record $9 billion U.S. fine in part for dealings with Iran, many of the continent's biggest banks remain unwilling to go anywhere near Iran-related business for fear that they will run afoul of remaining U.S.